Estimate your mortgage online

Looking to by an apartment or a chalet in Les Gets? Whether you’re buying for first time, a holiday home, or a primary residence... purchasing a property is a real engagement that raises many questions, not least that of how you will finance it and that is why La Centrale offers you a free mortgage simulation tool.

You can estimate the cost of your purchase in only three clicks

Our integrated real estate mortgage simulator has been designed to give you a quick and easy answer to finance related questions regarding your purchase.  

  • What will the monthly payments be?
  • How much will the notaires* fees be?
  • How will the amount of my deposit change the payments?
  • How do different loan terms change the payments?
  • How do different percentages change the payments?
  • And finally, what will be the total cost of borrrowing?

On La Centrale’s website there is a calculator designed to estimated your finance on all the listings of the apartments and chalets for sale. This tool is located at the bottom right if you visit our site on computer and at the bottom of the page, under the contact form, for the mobile version.

Agence La Centrale, Les Gets

How does it work ?

Most information is already pre-filled! Depending on the form you are looking at, the tool automatically informs you of the amount of the property, the estimated notary fees and the amount of the loan. All you have to do is fill in the three blank fields according to your profile:

  • Your personal deposit
  • The estimated percentage rate
  • The duration of your loan

The tool then automatically processes your information to estimate your monthly payments, the cost of the loan and the total cost of your investment.

This data is all strictly confidential and intended solely to help you determine whether the apartment or chalet you are interested in is the ideal property for you.

Let's build a plan together

The loan calculator tool at La Centrale gives you an idea of repayments however it should be used in conjunction with the information given by your bank and the does not replace their advice.

Would you like to discuss your plans with our agents at La Centrale in Les Gets? Do not hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to accompany you on all stages of your real estate purchase project on Les Gets and the surrounding areas.

Merci de patienter