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02 Jul 2021

Discover Tiphaine Muffat

La Centrale Blog Discover Tiphaine Muffat

Historic real estate in Les Gets ski resort, La Centrale guide you since 25 years in your sale and rental projects ! Our watchwords : stringency and authenticity. With the management’s changing since 2017, a new story began with Julie and her new modern and dynamic team.

Focus on sale’s department : Discover Tiphaine and her professional adventures.

“In this job, client projects are always different. You always learn, every day and on every subject.  I always learn as much from my clients as they from me. This is really  a grateful job  ! We create a real professionnal relation with them, and this always must be done with transaprency and confidence.”

Made in Les Gets

The place has no secret for Tiphaine who grew up between Montriond and Les Gets.

In love with the geographic sector, she decided to move out in Chambéry for 2 years and in Annecy (our Alps Venice) for 1 years, to study. She developed skills in marketing, management and business. Tiphaine had  professionnal experiences in various activity sectors:  banks and insurances, wholesaler in winter sport equipment, restaurant. Finally, she arrived in our real estate as advisor and negotiator agent.

She is a bundle of endless energy, always looking for innovative and creative ideas ! Days are never the same with her.

Curious, she will never say no to a sport or artistic activity.

A new adventure…

Tiphaine is present we us since 2019. She is a young women avid of knowledge. Her skills and young age are a good inspiration’s source that really helpful for the agency development and be alwaysn “up-to-date”.

Since his arrival, she was always determined and joyful. She has the good word to make us laught but she never forget her benevolence and rigorious attitude with her colleagues and customers.

Motivated and motivating, Tiphaine is unobtrusive and do her work with pleasure, so do not hesitate to contact her for your project !

3 tips to buy in Les Gets ski resort

> Take care of your project and Prepare it Before contact agency or do visits, identify the most important points of your real estate project : what property type ? Which town ? Old or new building ? What is your project : is it for rent, for your childrens, for your pleasure ? What do you expect the most from your purchase and the incoveniences ?

Is frequently to have pruchasers that undecided and get lost during their research. Do not forget that every property have as their advantages and disadvantages. it is up to you to define your top criteria. If you prefer a property in the heart of the village, there will have more noise or neighboor; If you prefer a chalet without noise, propably you will be far of the center and you need to take the car or the bus; etc… 

> Inform yourself about how is the current market  With the lockdown, the current market in Les Gets, we are seeing an unprecedented demand for property with a jump of 20%. The demand exceed the supply and so, the price increase.  

For have more details about the market situation, my better advice is to contact an agent and exchange about your project and your situation.

Each places have it own particular market situation, depending the location, activities, influence and many other criteries… Talk with an agent located in the ski resort or the town you will buy. No one can knows better than him.

> Imagine a time in the future Buy a property is an important events in our life. Try to imagine you in 5, 10, 20 years.  Imaginez vous dans 10, 15, 20 ans. What are your plan ? For this reason, is important to prepared your project.

If you want to rent, maybe it is important to take care of the building condition and the future works. If you will sell the apartment of a short-term/medium-term, maybe you will take care of the location in the village for stay attractive; etc…

We know, is never easy to taking the final position but we are here for that and for guide you Every project are different, like our property. The most your project is clear, the most we will advice you and find you THE place to be.