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22 Sep 2022

Buy in VAT Recovery… What does it means ?

La Centrale Blog Buy in VAT Recovery… What does it means ?

Nestled between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc and offering exceptional panoramas, Les Gets is a village that attracts. Less than an hour from Geneva and its international airport and in the heart of the Franco-Swiss Portes du Soleil domain, this little corner of happiness benefits from modern winter and summer infrastructures which are very attractive: The Portes du Soleil ski area, the mountain bike courses, the 18-hole golf course, the Lac des Gets, international and cultural events, etc… to hiking through skiing, it is a real playground.

What is VAT recovery ?

Often mentioned in real estate projects in the mountain, renting your holidays give you the chance to enjoy your property and reducing the annual costs of it (housing and property taxes, water and electricity charges, condominium fees or maintenance costs, etc.).

When you acquired in a new housing (new building, building in development, new chalet), i.e. a good sold in Future State of Completion (VEFA), you can recovery the VAT. This is one of the tax advantages the most used in station and not negligible.

The principle is simple: You recover the VAT – up to 20% of the purchase price of your property – and in return, you agree to keep your property and make it available for rental for 20 years.

Renting under VAT recovery requires a certain number of services to be offered.

I want to subscribe to this benefit, what is the procedure?

It is essential that you contact your accountant who will explain the financial procedure to follow and provide you with the mandatory documents to fill out.

If you do not have a financial specialist, the agency will advise you on a local specialist: SAREG Les Gets.

How does the rental process work? What are the requirements? What are the mandatory services?

  1. You will have to be a furnished accommodation provider – that is to say, you will have to offer a functional accommodation, equipped with the necessary furniture for a correct occupation (in number and quality) in order to be able to sleep, eat and live properly.
  2. You must offer 3 of the 4 following services:


Linen included

Regular cleaning included

Reception and personalized welcome of the customers

Breakfast is very often the service that we decline, because it is the least practical in terms of organization

  1. You will have to make your property available for rent during the whole period of opening of the plannings. In the resort, we frequently work on seasonal periods, i.e. schedules open in the summer and winter seasons.

If you wish, you can open the rental schedule in the off-season (i.e. autumn from October to mid-December, and spring from mid-April to mid-June).

Is there a minimum/maximum number of weeks to rent to qualify for VAT recovery?

There is no minimum number of weeks to rent or maximum weeks of personal occupancy (by the owner).

Assume that your property must be available for rent. The use of your property for personal use is your sole and entire responsibility.

Of course, we understand that the purchase of the property remains a pleasure purchase that you want to enjoy.

In our agency, we currently have a rental park called “All Inclusive” dedicated to the rental of property under the VAT recovery system.

Example of All Inclusive properties:

Here is what we advise you as an agency: to use your property intelligently.

We will inform you about the weeks of influence, the prices, and the management of your apartment, in order to allow you to take advantage, on a personal basis, of your property, while respecting the imposed rules.

If I want to sell my property or stop renting it out before 20 years, is it possible?

Sous ce régime, vous vous engagez pour 20 ans.

Cependant, si votre projet venait à changer en cours de route et qu’il impacte le délai de 20 ans, vous devrez rembourser la TVA au prorata des années où vous ne serez plus détenteur du bien.

Par exemple, si vous souhaitez vendre ou arrêtez la mise en location de votre bien 10 ans après son acquisition, vous devrez rembourser, à l’Etat, 10/20ième  du montant de la TVA fixée.

Attention, cette condition est valable au-delà des 5 premières années. Si vous décidez de revendre votre bien avant 5 ans, vous devrez rembourser la totalité du montant de TVA.