Getting your children ready for skiing

How best to dress your children for skiing? The question parents face when getting ready to leave for a winter sports holiday; looking for warmth without feeling uncomfortable (and adding extra weight to the suitcases). Aim to wear kit that is easy to move in but protects the child from the cold and inevitable falls. Here are a few guidelines on the ideal kit for your child; dress children in the right clothes so that they are well equipped when on the slopes… mission impossible? With first hand advice from the team at ‘La Centrale’ (Mums and skiers) we can help give you top tips on preparing the ideal suitcase for going skiing with the kids.

Ideal ski kit


Long gone on the days when you dress layer after layer. Raise your hand all those adults who remember itchy ski wear; getting cold in no time, particularly the very young.

Start with thermal underlayers made from the latest high tech material. An under top and tights/’skins’ are absolute necessities; light, soft and very efficient at keeping in body heat. Complete this layer with a pair of ski socks. High, warm and waterproof, critical for comfort when wearing ski boots. Contrary to the idea that putting on two pairs of socks is a good idea, it’s not, as feet become compressed, restricting blood flow and causing cold toes.

Outer layers

For ultimate comfort, there are a few options: an all in one ski combi is great for warmth but not as practical. A favourite combination is ski trousers with braces and a ski jacket to complete the look. Advantage of separate ski trousers and ski jacket are that it’s much easier for the child to go to the toilet. Style is a personal choice, bright colours are safer and do help you to identify children on the pistes.

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Ski accessories for children

Protection against the cold

To avoid frozen fingers, mittens or ski gloves are an absolute must. Waterproof with elastic to attach gloves/mittens to their coat. Even with a helmet, a hat or headband is essential for trapping in body heat. Help to alleviate catching a cold on the return run. A neck warmer is more secure and efficient than a long scarf for keeping you warm. Finally, for all those times when not skiing, a pair of waterproof snowboots to keep those little feet nice and warm.

Sun Protection

The same as by water in the summer, sun rays are particularly aggressive when they reflect off the snow. Ski goggles or sunglasses are essential to protect the eyes and face along with a high factor (50) sun cream and a lip salve with sun factor.

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Where to buy your ski gear

There are options to suit all budgets. Large sports stores often offer good choice and quality at a reasonable price. Online sites selling second hand kit can be great for finding items in good condition at a low price. Ski shops in the resort are great for choice of ski brands and are able to offer expert advice.


Here is a simple checklist to help make sure nothing is forgotten. Don’ t forget to dry and air all the kit each evening before you head out the next day.

  • 2 thermal underlayer tops
  • 2 thermal tights/skins
  • 2 pairs of ski socks
  • 1 warm fleece or jumper
  • 1 pair of ski trousers
  • 1 ski jacket
  • 1 neck warmer
  • 1 hat and or headband
  • 1 pair of ski mittens or ski gloves
  • 1 pair of snow boots
  • 1 pair of ski goggles and sunglasses with sun protection
  • Suncream (SPF 50)
  • Lipsalve with sun protection (SPF 50)

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