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12 Nov 2019

Snow is coming in Les Gets

La Centrale Blog Snow is coming in Les Gets

Les Gets is a classic mountain village but also an international ski resort.  We always have the enjoyment of our visitors in mind and, being one of the last European ski resorts still owned by the local council, invest heavily in our future. Because we want to make sure that you will always enjoy your visits, the Les Gets ski area has launched its “Snow Plan”: an ambitious program to increase the resort’s snowmaking capacity. The HUGE work being undertaken in the area of Le Grain D’Or is proof of this.

We are in the mountains almost every day, all year around and have been watching how the new reservoir and the relay with the new snow cannons has unfolded so are in a prime position to talk you through the important parts of this exciting project!

What is the Renardière reservoir?

This reservoir is a very technologically advanced (and HUGE) hole in the ground, not very complicated but very, very useful. The water stored in this reservoir comes from natural rainfall, snowmelt and the naturally occurring wells in the area. The stored water is then used to feed the huge, state of the art, snowmaking system installed in Les Gets.

How does this benefit you?

Very simply it will mean that that there will be guaranteed snow all season long.  Despite Les Gets, microclimate that means it has the snowfall of a resort several hundred meters higher we still want to be sure that, wait for it, we are always snowsure.

The Numbers

Because at La Centrale we love numbers, an analysis, and snow

  • a water capacity of 76,000m3 (that’s 30 Olympic swimming pools or over 101,000 bottles of champagne)
  • a production capacity of 150,000m3 of snow
  • at the end of this step 50% of Les Gets pistes will have snowmaking capacity, up from 35%

What about the environment?

We love our mountains, and we love our children.  Because of this the environmental impact of this project has been carefully considered and the following actions taken :

  • movement of species nesting on site to other areas
  • ecological monitoring of the area
  • compensation of agricultural land.

The next steps

It won’t just stop here, the investments in snow-making at Les Gets will be continued with the scheduled completion of the “Pré des Chavannes” reservoir. This project will increase the resort’s snow making capacity to be able to cover 75% of the ski area in artificial snow.

Your apartment or chalet, view of the pistes at Les Gets

Looking out over snow covered slopes is, well, it’s just lovely.  Get in touch with our team and they’ll help you find a property from which you can ski in/ski out and enjoy the views over Les Gets.