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Seasonal rentals

La Centrale Seasonal rentals

We have a selection of seasonal rentals available in Les Gets.  Whether you’re thinking about doing a season in Les Gets or you live in Geneva and want to make it easy for your children to join a ski club we can find you a base. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then please get in touch anyway with your requirements and budget and we may be able to find it for you.

With children

If you live near Geneva or the neighbouring areas then you can ski all season in Les Gets easily.  The ESF provides three levels of seasonal ski clubs for children.

Firstly you have Les Enfants de la Vallée – which allows your children to ski every Saturday afternoon with the same ski instructor, in the same group, outside of the school holidays.  This group is for children as young as three and goes ups to the Gold star level.

Les Gets ESF also has the ski club – which allows your child to learn in a club environment.  They provide ski training for your children during Christmas, New Year, February and both days of the weekend.  It’s extremely good value and again, your children will be with the same trainers and group each week allowing them to progress as much as possible.

Having a base for the season allows you to maximise your ski time during the winter and means that you’ll never get up to resort and realise that you’ve lost a ski glove

Seasonaires in Les Gets

Are you interested in spending a season in Les Gets?  We can help you with the accommodation side of things.  Get in touch with what you’re looking for and your budget and we’ll do the rest.